We know there are still several questions you want to ask from us about grant writing and our services. It is important that you are well equipped with the right information on what we do and what we can provide you. Be fully informed with the aid of the following commonly encountered questions and their answers:

If successfully awarded with the grant money, does Allied Grant Writers require a percentage or commission from the client?

NO. We do not require or even ask our clients to give us a percentage or commission from the fund that was awarded to them. The amount we charge is a fixed and flat rate. There are no hidden or additional charges other than the price of the package and if there are additional orders for other products and services.

What is a grant?

It is “free” money from the government and some private organizations that you never have to pay back.

Who are eligible to apply?

Some think that proposals are only for persons with disability, women, and the elderly. On the contrary, anybody is eligible to apply, provided they qualify under these categories:


  • Non-profit, as determined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service
  • With projects/programs that benefit a larger part of the population of a certain community; or promote medical, technological, environmental, religious, intellectual, or scientific advancements/innovations and/or general goodwill


  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident, at the time of application; for federal grants – 18 years old and above
  • With grant programs/projects that benefit a larger part of the population of a certain community or promote medical, technological, environmental, religious, intellectual, or scientific advancements, and/or general goodwill

Can we spend the grant money for other purposes?

It only be spent according to the purpose stated on the proposal. If the money given is for building a house, it must be used for that very purpose and not for personal needs. This is the reason why funding organizations require detailed budget plans to guarantee that the money will be spent wisely. Most foundations demand that the first month of operations, or the entire funding period, be carefully monitored to make sure everything is done as presented on the proposal. They usually require the recipient to submit a report showing how the money was spent and what was the outcome of the project.

Why is there a need to hire Professional Writers or Specialists to write proposals?

Acquiring funds requires hard work. There are many factors to consider in order to be given support — and there’s a great need to get the attention of funding organizations to fulfill your request over other hopefuls. Given these instances, one needs expertise in the writing of the proposal. Professional writers understand the need of every applicant for funding. They are trained and skilled in converting your ideas into effectively written proposals.

Is a grant the answer to my entire financial problem?

NO. As previously stated, funding application requires hard work and tight competition. For this reason, those interested must answer these questions first, before applying for one:

Can my problem be solved by fundraising?
Consider fundraising, first, before requesting for grants, this may get you faster results.

Can I apply for loans?
Think of applying for loans before seeking grants. Only individuals with bad credit aren’t given loan approvals.

Why do government and private organizations give out monies?

The federal government gives out money to people/entities that can clearly point out the benefits of their proposed project such as generating more jobs and reducing homelessness and poverty in the country.

As jobs increase, more people will pay their taxes and these taxes will, in turn, be used to provide infrastructures for the development of cities, states, and counties. Taxes help the government perform its programs such as granting of loans and providing assistance and services to the public.

Private organizations award financial assistance to particular individuals and organizations that share the same mission and vision as theirs. These help them accomplish their mission better and enable them to utilize their resources more efficiently as they perform and carry out their social responsibilities.

What is an effective proposal?

The federal government and funding organizations only award financial assistance to organizations and individuals with proposals that present interests in creating social change and development within their communities and nearby areas. Therefore, an effective grant proposal explains, in full detail, the worth of a particular project. It intellectually captures and converts into words the ideas and/or plans of organizations or individuals. Here at Allied Grant Writers, we are trained and committed to deliver just that.

Can we apply for funding anytime?

Most funds are only available during specific periods of time. Not all kinds of grants are obtainable throughout the year. It is advisable to know the schedule of each funding institution to accept, review, and approve grant proposals before applying with them.

When Do I Receive the Funds After my Application is Approved?

Never assume that you can readily have the funds as soon as the proposal is approved. Funding organizations follow a process for releasing funds that is usually after a few weeks or months. They normally announce this or mention this on their guidelines.

How long will it take you to write the proposal?

It depends upon the package you purchased. The Starter Package takes about 1-1 1/2 months to write. The Basic Package, on the other hand, takes 2-3 months to finish because researching for the right funding institutions requires more time. The Deluxe Package takes about 3-4 months to develop while the Premium Package requires 4-5 months to finish.

We also accept rush writing projects and those that already have a funder. If you need to meet an application that has a specific deadline for submission, we can work on that under certain conditions. But we will not accept projects which are due in less than two weeks from the time you place your order with us. We do not accept projects in such a short notice because we do not want to compromise their quality and timely delivery.

The entire process takes time to finish because aside from rigorous analysis of the project and intensive research, it also has to be carefully organized and thoroughly checked to validate its need for funding and ensure its effectiveness.

What can I expect to see in standard and custom-fitted proposals?

The table below illustrates what you can expect to see in custom-fitted and standard Allied Grant Writers proposals:

Content The sections/compositions of a custom-fitted grant proposal will strictly follow the grant proposal guidelines and requirements set by a funding organization, which has been pre-selected by the client. Meaning to say, the sections found in a standard Allied Grant Writers (AGW) proposal will be disregarded. As such, the proposal’s number of pages will be based on what is required by the prospective funder. Pricing of a custom-fitted proposal will be based on the type of your project and the requirements of the grantor. Depending on the number of pages and on the amount of grant request, the custom-fitted proposal can be priced either as Starter, Basic, Deluxe, or Premium package. A Standard Allied Grant Writers Grant proposal is composed of:

  • a.) Executive Summary
  • b.)Project Narrative. This consists of Project Overview/Background/Introduction; Location and Demographics; Problem Statement/Needs Assessment; Goals and Objectives; Project Significance; Project Team; Program Methods and Design; Supporters; and Project Work Plan
  • c.)Budget Plan/Budgetary Estimate
Bonus Materials Letters and other attachments are negotiable with the agent or writer. Normally, other materials included are a guide to grant submission or a sample application form and other narratives that may be needed for the grant program. Otherwise, additional materials may require special arrangements with the grant writer.
  • One (1) Letter of Intent
  • One (1) Cover Letter, and
  • A List of Potential Funding Organizations (not available for Starter package)

How do you work on the proposal? Is it personal, online, or by phone?

We work mostly online. Aside from it being cost effective, working on the project online ensures proper documentation of correspondence details. It also limits loss of documents, while assuring service delivery in real time.

How credible is Allied Grant Writers in delivering an effective proposal?

We have been in the business for over ten years, now. Within that period, we have had clients, some are even returning clients, who have expressed their full satisfaction on the proposals we created for them.

Our expertise in the field is built on various programs and projects, ranging from intellectual and entertainment to faith-based and general human services. Equipped with skills and talents, our  specialists are committed to writing an effective proposal, worthy of funding assistance.

Can we have a proposal and submit it to all organizations that we consider?

Foundations and grantors have different projects and missions to help the society. We advise applicants to determine the type of project they usually fund before considering submitting an application with them. Each funding organization’s grant giving activity must support or have the inclination to support the project you want to pursue. You must check their specific “Eligibility Requirements” or “Criteria for Funding” to see if you qualify with their programs.

Can I apply for different grants at the same time?

Yes. You can submit application to different grant programs all at the same time, provided your project matches the requirements of each program and that your application is made within the schedule that funders set, if there be any.

Ok, I’m interested! What must I do next?

You can now place your order with us. To guide you in placing your order, please click here for the diagram on how the process works.

Allied Grant Writers can help you have an effective proposal via our different writing services. You may check them all here.